Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First Creations

When we attended our childbirth class there were several vendors and resources geared toward new mothers and babies there as well.  One of them was selling taggie blankets.  My husband elbowed me and said, "You could totally make that."  I thought, I could make that.  It had been years since I had sewn, but it seemed like a simple idea.  So I made some.  And I had a great time.  The blanket in the picture is the last one I have of the ones that I made.  Unfortunately, it sustained some damage in our basement from some minor flooding during a wicked storm this summer during which we got like 7 inches of rain in an hour.  Thankfully I had long ago given away all the other ones that I made.  They were all the same concept as this, square, with ribbons sewn in, but were made of different fabrics.  

Sure, I could have saved myself some trouble by just buying blankets like this for friends and for my own baby, but I LOVED making them.  Being able to pick the fabric, ribbons, thread, putting it all together exactly as I want makes the time and effort to sew them completely worth it.  Are they perfect? No.  I have grown in my skill since then, and I have much more room to continue to grow.  I think you have to buy something in a store that was made by machines in order to find perfection.  But I think that there's a beauty in the imperfections of a handmade object and even more so in the process of creating said object.

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