Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nursery Art & Balance

I know, I had a deadline of finishing this by December, and well, it's December 3rd.  It was an arbitrary deadline though, so no big loss.  I'm getting there... I finished the running stitch in dark blue, now I'm adding some french knots in teal.  After that, I'm going to iron it, frame it, and hang it.  So hopefully I will be able to finish it soon.  I've been busy working on Christmas presents (which I will be sure to post pictures of once they have been revealed to their recipients).  Really though, who isn't busy this time of year?  I have to be patient with myself.  There are so many projects I'm working on- nursery art, Christmas presents, kitchen remodel, basement organization... I feel so antsy about them all, but I also feel that it is so important to spend time with my family right now.  My son is growing so fast and I want to make the most of making beautiful memories together and really cherishing this first Christmas together as a family.  And so some things, like nursery art, will just have to wait.

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