Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, we are having a low key Valentine's Day around here, as my husband surprised me on Friday morning with a box of chocolates and a card containing two tickets to go see the movie "The Vow" on Saturday night.  He had arranged a babysitter and everything all without me knowing.  We had a great night out on Saturday, shopping, dinner, and a movie.  

But back to Friday!  In the afternoon, a bouquet of red roses and tulips arrived.  Then, after dinner we got the call that my niece had been born!  So exciting.  We did not know until then whether we were going to have a niece or a nephew, and she came a week and a half before her due date, so it was a fun surprise all around.  We got to go to see her on Saturday afternoon, after a morning of shopping for baby girl clothes, of course.  Having a boy, I relished the opportunity to buy a pink hair bow.  

After our relaxing and exciting weekend, today is just sort of a normal day.  My son and I have hung out at home, reading stories, playing with trucks, and playing on his toy xylophone.  He's in love with the xylophone at the moment.  During his naps I showered, picked up toys, did laundry, and sewed a set of burp cloths.

 And so today, I am enjoying the simple things of normal, everyday life.  If there is one thing that watching "The Vow" on Saturday, and "One Day", a movie we rented on Sunday, have reminded me that life is short and I need to just enjoy the simple moments of having my husband and son with me.  

And so tonight there will be no Valentine's fanfare, just a simple dinner at home with my boys.  And maybe a little xylophone concert.

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