Monday, January 23, 2012

Bigger. Thicker. Better.

My husband is my biggest supporter and I wouldn't have been bold enough to try any of this (sewing, Etsy, blogging) without his encouragement.  One of the biggest ways in which he supports me is by being my sounding board.  I run many, many ideas by him, and he gives me his opinions and it helps me to sort things out.  I don't always go for his ideas, but it is fantastic to be able to bounce things off of him and read reactions. 

When talking to my husband about the burp cloths I have been making, I have mostly peppered him with questions about preferences such as size and shape.  For him, the number one indicator of the worthiness of a burp cloth is the size and thickness.  And so, today I just rolled out the first set of my new and improved burp cloths.  They are larger (3.5 inches wider) so as to cover even the widest shoulder and I added an extra layer of organic french terry in the middle to make them thicker and therefore more absorbent.
It's hard to see, but you can feel they're thicker!
Left- Original Size           Right- New Larger Size

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