Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Decorations

A Close-up of the Table Runners & Flowers
Last Saturday I helped host a baby shower.  I volunteered to do decorations.  Mom and Dad are waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender, so I kept things neutral.  In my planning I scoped out things online, looking for ideas.  I saw a few showers with beautiful fabric table runners, so I decided that making runners was a definite must.  I also decided that flowers were a must as well.  It's the middle of winter, so I feel like flowers add some life and vibrancy.  

 In an effort to keep things neutral, I chose this "elephant parade" print that I found at Joanne's.  If you look closely at the runner, there is an elephant that is green with white polka dots.  While shopping at Target shortly after Christmas I saw the polka dot napkins and matching green plastic utensils and plates.  They were on clearance, and while a little bold, I thought they would make a nice statement with the table runners, so I snapped them up.  Plus they were on clearance, so how could you not?
 The shower was held at church, which presents some challenges that you don't have when you have a shower at a home.  Metal folding chairs, busy floral patterned carpet, nothing I could do about those sort of things.  Well, if you had an unlimited budget, you could rent fabric chair covers, and a floor covering, or even different chairs, but who has that sort of budget for a baby shower?

One of the Tables
Overall, I was pleased with the results.  They were simple, but nice.  As my husband warned me when I was planning and showing him ideas for the shower "Make it nice, something that satisfies your desire to make it beautiful, but know that it will not look just like the magazines."  Which I know, and it doesn't look as good as the magazines, but a girl can't help but try.


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