Monday, January 16, 2012

New Bib!

So I helped host a baby shower this past weekend and as a part of my gift I made the baby a burp cloth.  It was the third burp cloth that I've made, I think.  So I decided to make one for my son as well.  I had some leftover fabric from when I made the art for the door of his nursery, so I used that.  Yes, I am still obsessed with Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo even though I know it's years and years old.  Don't worry though, I have one more project coming with that fabric, and that will be it.  This week I will be making a new cover for Baby Bear's high chair, so look for a tutorial on that later this week!  I'll also be posting a few baby shower pictures as well.


  1. Love the bib, especially the fabric! Also took alook at your door art and it turned out perfect! Great Idea!